Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Today is "Old Quawk's Day" on Ocracoke. Many years ago a colorful island character, defying his neighbors, his good sense, and the gods, ventured out into Pamlico Sound on a blustery, squally March 16 to fish his nets. He never returned. For more than 175 years island fishermen have been reluctant to go out on the water on this day. You can read more about Old Quawk here: Ocracoke Newsletter, April 03, 2000

As if to confirm the dangers this day holds for area mariners, on this date in 1888 the 3-masted Schooner, "S. A. Rudolph, out of Philadelphia, was stranded at Hatteras Inlet. Keeper James Howard and his crew from the Ocracoke (Hatteras Inlet) Life Saving Station were able to help refloat the vessel. No lives were lost.

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