Monday, December 05, 2005

Castles of Snow and Other Interesting Ideas

Dear Friends,

This is Lou Ann writing to you from the frigid Midwest. (I thought I would let you know that before you get to the end!) I also thought that I would sneak in a blog while Philip is on a writing hiatus.

I, like many of you, imagine and dream about those balmy island days...but alas, will be ten degrees here tonight in Northern Indiana.

Winter has arrived with inches of snow frosting rooftops and streets...plow trucks have taken to the streets on a regular routine now. I often wake up in the night to the sounds of the scraping of the streets and the blinking yellow lights.

The Midwest is full of Holiday spirit amidst the deep freeze. My small town neighborhood glitters with multi-colored lights and greenery. It is a fairy land to walk in after dark.

I just spent the week end in Chicago and was wrapped in the splendor of a large northern city all dressed up for the Holidays. As for me, I wore three layers of everything as the cold was so intense!

Home is a good place to be on a night like this. My books are piled high, my knitting basket full of projects, candles burn low, and the hum of the plow truck keeps me company.

Until next summer, a warm and wondrous winter to all.

Lou Ann

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