Monday, May 08, 2006

Question Answered

Yesterday a reader asked, "How do you pronounce the word "O'cocker": O-coke-er or O-cock-er (and which syllable gets the accent)?"

The answer is O-cock-er, and the accent is on the "O."

One of the early spellings for our island was Okok, on a map of 1672. In 1709 it was spelled Ocacok on John Lawson's map. The NC Assembly spelled it Occacock in 1715. This spelling was used as late as 1861.

To see a list of all the variations I have been able to document, click here.

Native islanders still often refer to the island as Ocock, or sometimes Ocreecoe, another local variation that likely harkens back to the distant past.

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