Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Water, Sand, & Sun

These last few days have been perfect vacation weather. And perfect for us, too, who live here. Humidity has been low, and we even turned off the A/C for several days. Yesterday afternoon we took Lachlan to the beach. He played in the sand or at the edge of the water with one of us while the others plunged into the surf. The water was warm, and the waves were big, but there was no current where we were. Over and over again we dove under the waves or flopped over them. Body surfing was disappointing (the bottom conditions just weren't right), but we had a grand time anyway.

After a light supper we took Lachlan to the Slushie Stand for ice cream cones, then came back home. "I want to go out on the pizer," he said, so we rocked in the porch swing under an almost full moon, and I played a few tunes on my harmonica ("Oh My Darling..." is Lachlan's favorite). Soon he was fast asleep.

You can read our latest newsletter here. It's about Ocracoke Islanders and "tokens of death."

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  1. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Hi Philip,
    We were in Ocracoke at the end of June this year. A bit later, but lovely just the same. I too enjoyed the fireworks. They sure have changed over the years. I hadn't been on Ocracoke for the 4th for about 10 years. I remember when the guys on the floating raft shot them off in the sound. You've come a long way. Bought my patchouli soap at the store that will have to last me for the year. You and Lou Ann were out the day I stopped by or I would have said hello.
    Anyhow, what I wanted to say before I got side tracked was how lucky Lachlan is to have a grand dad like you. I'm sure he'll have wonderful memories forever of your times together. I love reading the journal and am so happy for you that Lou Ann is there to share your summer. Carol in Ohio