Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Camping & ORV Lawsuit

Hello again to all of our readers. This is Philip. I've been off-island for almost two weeks and Jude has been keeping you up to date on island events. I had a last-minute invitation to join Captain Rob sailing on the Schooner Windfall in Florida Bay. We sailed for several days with Rob's son Emmet, and mutual friend, Bill Monticone. Bill & Emmet are still traveling back to Ocracoke on the boat, and I drove Rob's car home. It was a fun mini-vacation. I stopped in central Florida to camp and canoe, and then spent several days on Edisto Island in South Carolina.

On my last camping day I noticed that the "campers" next to me were settled into the largest bus-type RV imaginable. It had four pull-out rooms (two on each side), and two satellite dishes on the roof (with blue lights). They were pulling a vehicle larger than the car I was driving. Meanwhile I was setting up my temporary home, the smallest backpacking tent in the campground. I had neglected to bring a pad or air mattress, so I made do with a flattened cardboard box. I also didn't have a pillow, but I found some bubble wrap that I covered with an old shirt. I could only imagine my neighbors relaxing in their jacuzzi while I walked on the beach or read my latest book, Last Child in the Woods, by candlelight.

Several readers have asked about the recent lawsuit calling for restrictions on ORV use on Hatteras and Ocracoke Islands. Many others have followed this issue more closely than I have, and a Google search should lead to many articles about it. Irene Nolan, who publishes the Island Free Press, an on-line Outer Banks "newspaper," has written a helpful article. You can read it here: The hearing is set for Friday.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is a reprint of the eulogy given at the funeral service for island native Muzel Bryant who died in February at the age of 103. You can read it here.


  1. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Welcome back Phillip....sounds like a wonderful trip. With spring in the air, a trip to Ocracoke seems immenate. I have heard rumors that the Community Store might be opening back up this spring. Any news on that front?

  2. All signs point to the re-opening of the Community Store sometime this spring, but I don't know any specifics. That's the reason I haven't posted any news about the store. I guess you might call my attitude cautiously optimistic. As soon as I know anything for certain I'll let folks know.

  3. Anonymous4:38 PM

    That's great about the Community Store (?) reopening. What is being done with the old Gathering Place by the Community Store? I hate to see those properties going to waste. I hope someone will take time and make something good out of both of them. WELCOME BACK! We tent camp on the Blue Ridge Parkway each year and most the time have a Pull Behind to camp there on the island. The gas prices are letting us stay at Pony Island Motel this year for a week. Thanks for keeping us infomed on everything that is going on. Have you heard what is going on with the Berkley Manor? That is another waste of a good thing there. Have a great day and I look forward until the next writing. Terrie @ Walkertown NC

  4. A very quick note about the Berkley Manor -- I only know rumors and what I can see. It seems like the place is going to be developed. Work has started there already. Unfortunately, the hard work by different islanders to get it for a community complex just didn't pay off. I wish the news were more optimistic.