Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday, Early Afternoon

It has been so difficult to get any inside work done lately. It must be close to 70 degrees, with bright, sunny skies right now. Neighbors are strolling down the lane with their dogs, or stopping to sit on the steps and chat. Lachlan is running around tossing water balloons. Molly is taking a fiddle lesson from David, and the music is wafting across the yard.

It is just too nice to sit here at the computer and type a blog, so I'll bid you adieu, and go back outside to enjoy the day.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is an account of the 2008 Portsmouth Island Homecoming. You can read it here.

1 comment:

  1. emmaocie12:58 PM

    Sounds great... Especially about Molly playing violin. I sure miss hearing her! :)