Saturday, April 21, 2012

Project Nutmeg

Did you know that Ocracoke Island and other parts of the Outer Banks were at one time the primary choice for a nuclear weapons testing site? It is a sobering thought! 

The Armed Forces Special Weapons Project stated in 1949 that the Pamlico-Core Sound area of North Carolina "should be investigated first" because it had "the most promise for [nuclear weapons testing] sites on the southeastern Atlantic seaboard" where favorable winds would "remove the waste products to the open Atlantic Ocean with no possibility of second order effects through biological processes."

You can read more about "Project Nutmeg" in our latest Ocracoke Newsletter:


  1. bill kostar7:35 AM

    It's scary and even bizzare that someone could have thought of such a thing, much les put it in writing, but I feel certain we'd draw the same conclusions about ideas coming out of Homeland Security now.
    On the other hand, it might be less likely that you could run aground in the middle of the sound!

  2. Scary!! Glad it didn't happen.

  3. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Like the others have stated I am glad that it didn't happen. On the other hand, it might be equally devistating to see what the eco-nazis do to our beloved Outer Banks. Soon we'll be restricted so much that we can't even enjoy "OUR" beaches.

  4. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Yes! A nuclear bomb test might clear the piping plovers on the beaches. I''m all for protecting the environment but the restrictions and proposals are ridiculous.