Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Gods Must Have Been Angry

Although it is bright and sunny as I write this morning, it has rained nearly every day for the last two weeks. Last night around 10 o'clock the sky was ablaze as lightning flashed every few seconds from every quarter of the compass. Then the news came over the telephone and on the Internet. The National Weather Service reported a tornado moving from near Cedar Island towards the northeast. Portsmouth Village and Ocracoke were in its path. A tornado warning was issued until 10:45. Rain fell in torrents.

There is little we can do to prepare for a tornado on Ocracoke since there are no cellars to use for shelter. We can only wait, and be ready to hunker down in a closet or small room.

I suppose the tornado dissipated or passed by out to sea since I haven't heard of any impact, but Lawton Lane looks more like Lawton Lake this morning.

We are longing for an end to this wet and soggy weather, and looking forward to coming days of delightful clear skies and mild temperatures. It has to get better!

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of midwifery on Ocracoke. You can read it here:


  1. I sit here in WV needing rain. I hope this is not causing OI to lose a lot of business, since your season is so short. If I was there I'd be out in the rain walking the beach.

  2. Anonymous11:51 AM

    You can send some of the rain to Southern Indiana. We haven't seen a puddle of water in months.

  3. and that clap of thunder at 5 am put just about everyone in the house plastered to the ceiling.

    To move around town is to constantly navigate miniature lakes, fiords, and ponds, in a harmonious dance between pedestrians, bicyclists, cars, and golf carts. To walk down the block requires either large rubber boots or scrubbing of the feet/

  4. Anonymous6:45 AM

    We were there two weeks ago and rode bikes in the rain. We had two and half days and we just stayed outside till the thunder chased us inside. I hope it clears up for you all and that you get to dry out soon.

  5. Kathy7:49 PM

    I will be coming there next week and promise to bring good weather along with me - or you can start without me...

  6. Anonymous1:24 PM

    I was in a tent during that storm. The wind wrapped the tent around us and we were terrified. Slept in the car, needless to say! Wicked storm!