Thursday, December 06, 2012

Holiday Cookie Swap

This Saturday, December 8, at 11 a.m., the Ocracoke Community Library will host their annual tradition of The Holiday Cookie Swap

It's simple. Bring some cookies to the library, and bring some home. There will be a poetry reading by the 3rd grade students of Ocracoke School and this year Jocelyn and Jessica will be hosting a special Christmas Trivia Contest just for the library!

Everyone is welcome! This is how the Cookie Swap works: 
Bring a dozen or more homemade cookies to share.
Take home an equal amount of assorted cookies made by other island bakers. 


Please bring an extra container to collect your cookies.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of the day Charles Lindbergh landed on Ocracoke. You can read it here:

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  1. Anonymous2:09 PM

    cookie swap what are the most unusual cookies you find. The popular sugar cookie well not all sugar cookies taste great. some people can't eat nuts don't like chocolate blah blah blah what would be the best plate of cookies to bring home?? Anyone out there with a fantastic cookie dough batter to share? batter up!