Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Memorable Musical Week

Recent island buzz has centered around Julia Howard's musical, A Tale of Blackbeard. Revived after a two-decades-long hiatus, the play, with a new cast under the direction of Charles Temple and Desiree Ricker, delighted audiences with four outstanding performances last week, redefining community theater for islanders and visitors alike.

The musical will continue with Monday night shows from June 9 - August 11. More information is available here: To read Susan Dodd's review please click here:

Below are a few photographs of a recent performance taken by island resident Brenda Kremser.

Matthew Tolson, Blackbeard

Derek Gilliam, Pirate

Bill Jones & Trisha Davis,
Mr. Farthingham & Miss Euphemia

Mariah Temple & Samantha Styron,
Katherine & Elizabeth

Waylon Underwood & Kade Nagakane,
Richard Evans & Pirate

Ezekiel & Marjorie,
Bill Cole & Katy Mitchell

Sierra Winstead, Chrisi Gaskill,
Lori Masaitis, Caroline Temple,
& Callie Davisson,
Village Girls

Blackbeard & Richard Dueling

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the curious story of Vera/Charlie Williams. You can read it here:

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