Friday, April 26, 2019

Chocolate Easter Egg

For many generations Ocracoke Island women made chocolate eggs at Easter, then gave them away to family and friends. Unfortunately the tradition is slowly dying. Only a few islanders still make the eggs. I was fortunate to receive one a few days ago!


 If you have a sweet tooth, and want to make your own Ocracoke chocolate egg, here is Ms. Wilma Williams' (1909-1990) recipe:

2 pkgs. powdered sugar
1/2 lb. butter
Sm. jar maraschino cherries, cut up, and their juice
1 sm. can coconut
About 1/2 c. chopped nuts
1/2 box raisins
1 8 oz. pkg. semi-sweet chocolate squares

Put sugar in a bowl. Work in softened butter; add nuts, raisins, coconut and cherries. Add cherry juice slowly until mixture can be molded into egg shapes. If it gets too soft, add more sugar. Set egg shapes on waxed paper. Chill. Melt chocolate in double boiler and spoon over cool eggs on waxed paper; chill. When chocolate is hard, eggs may be decorated with icing, small candied fruits or candy.


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  1. Anonymous12:21 AM

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  2. Anonymous9:50 PM

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