Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Dorian Update

Many friends and family members have called, emailed, and texted, concerned about me, Amy, David & Lachlan, and the Village Craftsmen. I have been too overwhelmed to reply individually, so I am posting this summary of the situation for them and any of our other readers.

On Friday, as tide water came rushing down the lane across from my house and from both directions on Lawton Lane, I watched, stunned, as the water steadily rose up my fence. When it breached the points on the palings I knew it was higher than in the '44 hurricane, the worst storm in living memory.

Water poured onto my pizer, then under the doors, and came bubbling up between the floor boards. Before it receded (probably in less than an hour...I can't remember), my house, Amy & David's, the Village Craftsmen, my brother's trailer, my office/laundry building,  my workshop, and Amy & David's storage shed were all inundated with between 2 and 12 inches of water.

As heartbreaking as that was, many other islanders fared far worse. Tidewater rose 3 to 4, or more, feet in some houses, several people had to be rescued from attics and roofs where they had fled from the rising tide, and numerous businesses and public buildings, including the Methodist church (I haven't heard about the Assembly of God), the school, the health clinic, the post office, and the Variety Store had extensive damage.  Some people lost everything to the rising water.

Fortunately, there were no deaths, and I have heard of no major injuries.

As I write, recovery efforts are underway with help from the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, the US Army, numerous other state, county, federal, and charitable agencies, and friends and neighbors. The outpouring of love, concern, and financial, commodity & labor donations is emotionally overwhelming.

Municipal water was restored a couple of days ago, and electric power was turned on to some homes and businesses yesterday. I have electric (and hot water & A/C!!) but several circuits are disconnected. Amy & David only have generator power, and the Village Craftsmen only has power to the second floor. More than 350 homes and businesses had their meters removed because of flood water damage.

It will take, weeks, months, and maybe longer to fully recover from Hurricane Dorian. But Ocracoke islanders are resilient, and are determined to get back to normal as soon as possible.

Much more information about Hurricane Dorian and its impact on Ocracoke is aviailable on the internet, including Village Craftsmen's Facebook page, the Ocracoke Current, and the Ocracoke Observer. There you will also find information about making donations for hurricane relief efforts. The Outer Banks Community Foundation is one of the best.

Heartfelt thanks to all of our family and friends who have been so concerned about us. We are survivors.


  1. Thank you so much for this update, Philip. Good thoughts, prayers and financial support will continue. Please pass our love on to your family and the wonderful folks on Ocracoke. We look forward to seeing you at the Craftsmen again! Marie and Vic Conner

  2. Sending prayers for a speedy recovery from Julie's Maryland cousins.

  3. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Appreciate your update--as always--especially in light of the current situation on the island. Here is to normalcy--and resiliency.

  4. All my best wishes to you and the island, Philip

  5. Sending love to you and your family. Ocracoke holds a special place in my heart. Brook

  6. Thanks for the update.

  7. Sending you and your family love today and all the days to follow. We send prayers to each of you.

  8. Been thinking of you! Thanks for the update! Sending love and support!

  9. Thanks for the info. Hope you all get back to normal soon . Hang in and keep a good spirit. Ed and Betty Webster

  10. please keep safe i might not know u but im still praying for all involved in Dorian prays for all

  11. Anonymous5:27 PM

    I am so confused. I thought you/one could just apply to FEMA on an individual basis. If Everyone applied it would certainly get the attention of FEMA, congresspeople and the media. If you just wait and say FEMA hasn't done any declaring well,... If San Francisco had a earthquake I think FEMA would be sending checks in the mail based on a zipcode ( that IS what happened) according to reports

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