Friday, January 19, 2024

Cast in Bronze

Many of our readers have walked the trail to Springer's Point. Sam Jones, who died in 1977, is buried (next to his horse) across the path from the old brick cistern. Sam was a colorful character who had a significant impact on Ocracoke in the 1950s - 1970s. He built several prominent cedar-shake buildings on the island (Berkley Castle & Berkley Manor, among them), and he owned Berkley Machine Works in Norfolk, Va. Sam sometimes had his own sayings cast in bronze. This is one of them:






Sam also had his “Landlord’s Invitation” cast in bronze, and had it displayed prominently at the top center of his stationery: 

“Here’s to Pa’ nds PenDas’ OCI alh OURin ha! RMLes, Smirt ha ND Fun le TFRIE nd’s HIPRE ign B eju ST an DKIN –dan Devils PEAK of N’ one.”

Can you decipher the saying?

You can read more about Sam Jones here:

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