Sunday, May 16, 2004

An Afternoon at the Beach

Imagine walking down a narrow path, through wax myrtles, yaupons, and cedars. The path opens into an open sandy expanse where prickly pear cacti (referred to on the island as "pickle pears") are just beginning to open up into bright yellow flowers.

Through breaks in the dunes you can see the ocean sparkling in the distance. Once on the beach the water is divided into three distinct hues -- darker and slightly murky near shore where the breakers churn up sand from the bottom, deep rich blue at the horizon, and a magnificent aquamarine (almost emerald) color just beyond the breakers.

Such a view I had this afternoon on my daily walk along the shore and dip in the cooling water.

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  1. Five weeks until Hatteras Vacation. Reading this makes the wait a little easier and sooo much harder! Hold onto that good weather until mid-June Please!


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