Monday, May 24, 2004

Ocracoke Character, Al Scarborough

A couple of days ago two folks who joined me for my Ghost & History Walk (I know this is another blatant and transparent plug for my new venture), stopped into Cathy Scarborough's shop, "Over the Moon."

Cathy's daddy, and my good friend, Al, was working the counter when Myrna & Marilyn commented on how wonderful the Tuesday evening tour was. They talked about Rob Hanks who, in the mid 1950's, would "tell the story of Ocracoke" for a dime. I like to point out that property values have risen about 1000 times in the last fifty years, and at the same rate of inflation my tour should be worth $100.00 (so, of course, it's a terrific bargain at only $12.00).

Al, being the curmudgeon that he is, reminded these two very nice women that a soft drink which sold for a nickel in 1955 could be bought today for only 65 cents. That, he asserted, would make my tour only worth $1.30!

As I was waking up this morning it occurred to me that Rob Hanks' "Story of Ocracoke" only took about 10 minutes to relate. So even by Al's reckoning my 95 minute tour is still a bargain at $12.00.

On your next visit to the island be sure to stop by Cathy's delightful shop. You might even have an opportunity to meet Al. He personifies the characterization of Henry Ellis, Second Royal Governor of Savannah (1757-1760), of whom it was said,

"His deductions and conclusions are always logical, plausible, stimulating, and delivered with clarity and pungency. Unfortunately they are nearly always mistaken."

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