Thursday, December 16, 2004

Fire Update

Last week I reported that my friend Lou Ann's son and family (Aaron, Karen, Matthew, & Jonah) came home from an evening with friends to discover their home surrounded by fire trucks. The house burned to the ground and no more than a handful of personal items was recovered.

Ocracoke residents joined with family & friends from their home town in Indiana to provide shelter, clothing, toys, and incidentals. For the short term they are being cared for. In a few days they will go to Aaron's brother's home in Florida to work in construction.

Several journal readers have asked what they could do to help out. Long term needs are now a priority. When they return to Indiana in the Spring they will be faced with need for housing and major appliances. A church in their hometown has set up a fund to help with these future needs. If you would like to contribute, a donation of any amount would be appreciated. The address is Fairview Missionary Church, 525 East & 200 North, Anglola, IN 46703. Please designate any funds for the "Aaron Homan Family Fund."

Thank you to all who expressed their concern and sent wishes and offers of assistance.

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