Thursday, December 09, 2004

Maybe I'll Be Lucky

Tonight was the Ocracoke Library's Christmas Cookie Swap. I spent all afternoon wiring the upstairs bathroom in the old homestead, so I didn't take time to bake any cookies. wonderful daughter, Amy, made cream puffs (I told her that each one was worth at least two regular cookies). I'm hoping she'll share a few of the cookies she gets tonight.

In other news, the weather has taken a more somber turn today. It has been overcast all day. It even rained a bit in the afternoon. So, just to be honest, it's not always bright and sunny here on the island. But it is still warm. I've got all of my windows open, just enjoying the unseasonally balmy winter weather.

Hardly a visitor is on the island, but many of you have been placing internet orders at the Village Craftsmen. We can ship most orders the very next day, so if you've still got folks on your holiday list (as I do!), keep us in mind.

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