Wednesday, September 14, 2005


The first hints of Ophelia have reached Ocracoke. The sky is cloudy and the wind has increased (though it's still little more than a mild breeze, at least on Howard Street). We've had only a few brief and light sprinkles. Fortunately, it seems a tad cooler today, but maybe that's just because of the breeze.

We are hoping this storm moves on out as quickly as possible, though some experts think it may stall over the Outer Banks. There's not much to do right now -- answer a few emails, return several phone calls, and then relax on the porch swing and finish my novel. It's too bad Lou Ann is not here right now. She says she'd bake cookies, and then we could sit on the porch swing together. She even said she'd like to be here to help me clean up after the storm passes. Am I lucky or what?

I'll keep you posted as long as possible.

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