Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A Little Worn

The Island is just about back to normal after the hurricane of last week but she always looks a little worn and tattered for awhile. The leaves on the trees are brown and curled. The cedars and pines were burned by the salt wind. The streets and paths are littered with leaves and sticks and even with the late summer warmth it smells like Autumn. From what I've heard the fishing is great, clamming is great, the crowds have thinned to a trickle and the beach is gorgeous and the water warm. We are so very thankful we were spared and our hearts are with those on the Gulf Coast who have lost so much. We live on such a fragile little spit of sand way out here in the ocean so, as Peter Stone used to say, "What can you expect?" 99% of the time this is heaven.

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