Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Beautiful Spring Day

March is infamous for its weather. It can range anywhere from T-shirt weather to a raging snow storm. Today was perfect, and many of us were taking advantage of the crisp, clear day by spending it outdoors walking, enjoying the beach, working in the garden, lounging in the back yard visiting with neighbors or hanging laundry out the old fashioned way...on a clothes line. The humidity was so low (rare around here) and the air so clear that it was possible to see distinct houses over on Portsmouth Island from the end of Lighthouse Rd. Should we ever wonder if we are crazy for living on a little, out of the way island like this, these types of days remind us that this is what good living is all about.

You can read our latest newsletter here: It's the story of the US Life Saving Station on Ocracoke and the wreck of the A.F. Crockett on February 17, 1885.


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