Saturday, October 28, 2006

Spook Walk & Wind Gusts

Friday night from 7:00 - 8:30 several dozen islanders put together our annual Howard Street Spook Walk, a benefit for our school. This year's event highlighted a number of traditional Ocracoke ghost and creepy stories. The island's most famous former resident was there, of course. And without his head! So, too, were the survivors of the wreck of the steamboat "Home" (that was in 1837), and the woman who turned over in her casket (and scratched out the lining, and pulled out her hair). Don't think about that when you go to bed tonight!

Several folks reenacted the scene of Ocracoke's first murder (also in 1837), and the death of Mrs. Godfrey (whose ghost is reported to still wander the upper floors of the Island Inn). Fannie Pearl was there in her white coffin, as were other assorted ghosts, goblins, and scary clowns.

Fortunately the rain held off until the very last few minutes of the Spook Walk. The forecast had been calling for rain and wind gusts of over 50 mph. When I awoke Saturday morning there were puddles everywhere and there was a mild breeze. If the wind was strong and blustery during the night I knew nothing of it. I slept soundly and blissfully in spite of all the specters and ghouls.

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  1. Thanks for the pictures. Do you have one taken at the other end of Howard Street. I love the house, trees and yard there.

  2. Do you mean the end of Howard Street near the School Road?? The only "house" on that end is the Hemp Shop (Natural Selections) and the Methodist Church. The photo posted on the web is of the other end of Howard Street, near Captain's Landing.