Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Did I Ever Start Something!

Well, back from vacation and it seems like we left just yesterday. Back to find out that I really started something in the village with my blog ( I do dislike that word ) about Grant our woo-hoo UPS man. Seems as if everyone is woo-hooing at him as he drives his truck through the village delivering packages to the various places of business. I was out to the counter this afternoon when Grant came in the back door and let out a big woo-hoo himself. I just looked at him. He started laughing. I don't have anything for you, he said, just came in to give you a big woo-hoo! He sure is enjoying his new noteriety. "Brown" in the body of Grant McDonald has done a lot for Ocracoke. A nicer, kinder more cheerful person you could not meet. I have never and I mean never heard him speak an unkind word. I wish I could say as much for myself. Two years ago when Frank and I went to Scotland, on a day pouring down rain, I picked some heather and a pebble from the stream that ran red with the blood of the McDonalds. That was in Glencoe where the Campbells slaughtered that proud clan. I brought the heather and pebble back and gave them to Grant. He accepted them and held them with such reverence. Our tall, red headed,freckled McDonald dressed in brown shorts.......woo-hoo.

You can read our latest newsletter here. It's the story of the Community Store and other general stores on the island


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