Friday, December 01, 2006

Warm & Breezy

Hi! This is Philip again, back home to an unseasonably warm December. I guess I missed all of the excitement over Thanksgiving week, but I saw the storm effects as I drove down the Outer Banks -- dunes disturbed and pushed back with bulldozers, sand still on the highway, and even residual standing water in places. Ocracoke seems to have fared well, though I clearly had a bit of tide in my yard. All is quiet now.

While I was gone I noticed that one reader commented on what is perhaps our island's most famous date in history -- November 22. That is the date in 1718 (that's 288 years ago) when Captain Edward Teach (Blackbeard) was killed at Ocracoke Inlet. Recently I've read of research that suggests Blackbeard might have been the son of Captain James Beard, neighbor to colonial Governor Charles Eden in Bath, NC. It was a rather convincing argument. Perhaps I'll share more details in a future monthly newsletter.

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