Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It Warms Our Hearts....Really!

I really did appreciate the concern shown by folks when they didn't hear from us for a few days. The person who wanted me fired.....that's another matter. You just can't tell who your friends are anymore I swear. To the friend who was here and asked how the storm was in intensity compared to others we have known, it wasn't bad at all. The ocean was roiled enough to breach the dunes up and down the banks which is a concern but the flooding wasn't bad and neither were the winds. It was just enough that put all together it messed up the last profitable week we hoped to have on Ocracoke for about three months. So ya'll come on down and do your Christmas shopping here the next couple of weekends. We offer no crowds, friendly conversation, no traffic, very few muggings last time I checked. The pick pockets have all gone south and the parking meters are real cheap this time of year. Our meter maid is a real looker. Come grab a bit of sunshine and have a few laughs. Celebrate Christmas shopping Ocracoke style. We'll be looking for you. Later.....Jude

You can read our latest newsletter here. It's the story of two old maps (1590 & 1795) and place names on the Outer Banks



  1. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Hey Jude! Thanks for the updates. We understand you must be terribly busy during the storm, shipping orders and everyday events of life. Obviously updating a BLOG can't take priority. I'm the one that made the comment about "firing" the reporter, and certainly didn't mean it seriously!

    We appreciate anytime you all take to report.

    Hey, If I was on the island, it would never get updated. Now, go check those parking meters and have a great day.

  2. Anonymous7:24 AM

    Oh thank goodness... now that the pickpockets are finally gone, I'll be down... can you do anything about the toll boothes on Route 12?

  3. Anonymous3:34 PM

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