Friday, November 10, 2006

What Do You Do All Winter?

This journal entry is not about Ocracoke at all -- except that I live here, and I want to share something that I read this morning. There is a fascinating little book that just came out this year entitled "What We Believe But Cannot Prove." It is subtitled, "Science in the Age of Centainty" and is edited by John Brockman. Over 100 people, including scientists, philosophers, and medical doctors, contributed short essays based on the idea in the book's title.

Susan Blackmore, in four paragraphs (page 40 of the paperback edition), reflects on the notion of free will. She claims to have systematically altered her thinking to do away with the feeling of acting with free will, which she apparently believes is an illusion.

She ends her essay with "I just keep on seeming to exist. But though I cannot prove it, I think it is true that I don't." What would Descartes have had to say about that?

On second thought I suppose this journal entry really is about Ocracoke. It is the off-season, and I guess there's not too much to do around here right now.

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