Monday, November 13, 2006


Many of our readers may have already figured this out....but I am not a fisherman. Not infrequently I think about this. Here I live on an island with superb fishing. I really ought to learn more about fishing. I have most of the equipment. It's just been so long since I've thrown a line out into the water. Maybe when I retire.

In the meanwhile I am the beneficiary of other folks' expertise at commercial & pleasure fishing. Saturday afternoon the newly created Working Watermen's Association sponsored a fund-raising fish fry. It was yummy. And it helped preserve the island's last remaining fish house. Many thanks to all the folks who are helping to make this effort succeed.

Then yesterday Amy & I sat down to a tasty dinner of speckled trout. My friend, Al, an avid angler, left two sizeable fillets in my refrigerator. Thanks Al! I still think I'll try my hand at fishing again. Maybe when I retire.

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