Saturday, April 28, 2007

Stories & More Stories

"You can't visit with an Ocracoker for more than ten minutes before talk turns to distant relatives and how everyone is kin." So observed my brother this weekend. Earl O'Neal has just completed his nearly 700 page tome on the Howard family (and the Jacksons, Garrishes, and Stowes) of Ocracoke. As Earl explained over dinner last night, they were all intermarried, so a study of one meant a study of them all. Earl's book is full of detailed genealogical information, as well as photos, copies of wills, deeds, & other documents, and stories & history.

After dinner we sat in the living room, shared tales, and laughed til nearly midnight. We all agreed that the best stories could never be printed. That's why we must keep telling them in parlors, around kitchen tables, and along the lanes. If you stick around here long enough, and are patient, maybe you'll hear one of the better stories too.

This month's newsletter discusses the planned replacement of the seven bridges on Ocracoke Island in early 2008, and explains some of the issues we will face. You can read it here.

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