Monday, November 12, 2007

Back Home Again

Yes, I've been off the island (the reason for several days without a post), but only for today. Well, I was off island on Friday as well. I drove to Norfolk to pick up Lou Ann (that was Friday), and back to Norfolk again today (to carry her back to the airport). We had a fun and wonderful weekend. Lou Ann came to the island to orchestrate a Murder Mystery Weekend at the Cove Bed and Breakfast (I'll share more about that in another post). While she was here Tommy Hutcherson and Kathy Ballance O'Neal were married. Lou Ann and I stopped by their party on Friday night and went to the wedding (and reception) on Saturday. We also had an opportunity to be part of a pot luck dinner last night in honor of Julia Child.

It's hard to imagine how we squeezed it all in -- in a matter of four days (and two of them involved ten hours, or more, of travel)! Let's just say we were creatively busy. And folks often wonder what we do here all winter.....and don't we "get bored" on this little island. Not on your life!

I'll try to catch you up on things in the next few days. Right now I need to unload my car and give Lou Ann a call. I'll be back tomorrow.

Our latest Newsletter is an article about Blackbeard the pirate and new research that suggests he may have been born in eastern North Carolina. You can read it here.

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