Saturday, November 24, 2007

An Evening's Entertainment

Last night the Ocrafolk Festival Fall Fund Raiser played to a full house. The Ocracoke Jazz Society opened the evening with two upbeat tunes. They were followed by one of Lou Ann's original Radio Theater skits. More music followed, to the enjoyment of all present. Marcie & Lou, Aaron Caswell, John Golden, and, of course, Molasses Creek, entertained with enthusiasm and high spirits. Jamie Tunnel, Jule Garrish, April Trueblood, and Sundae Horn added their engaging vocal talents to the evening. April's deadpan demeanor, and eccentric lyrics surprised most of the audience and tickled their funny bones. Next, Captain Rob captured everyone's attention with his original seafarer's version of "The Night Before Christmas." More talented performances followed. Donald Davis closed the show with a rousing story that kept everyone in stitches.

On your next Thanksgiving visit to the island be sure to take in this delightful show.

Our latest Newsletter is an article about Blackbeard the pirate and new research that suggests he may have been born in eastern North Carolina. You can read it here.

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  1. Hey, this is Philip. Just wanted all of our readers to know that I did notice the blunder in today's post, but decided it was too funny, so I left it. I called Rob to tell him about it, and he called me back, asking exactly who those more talented performers were.