Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

David is off the island performing, and Amy was working, so Lachlan joined Lou Ann and me at 9 o'clock for a delicious breakfast at the Flying Melon Cafe. Lachlan had eggs and toast. Lou Ann and I shared sweet potato pancakes and a vegetarian omelet. On the paper tablecloth we jotted down our plans for the morning:
  • Order breakfast
  • eat
  • surprise
  • visit the pony pen
  • pick blackberries.
The surprise was a camera Lou Ann had bought for Lachlan. It is an inexpensive film camera, and Lachlan didn't quite understand why he couldn't view the pictures immediately, but he enjoyed taking pictures anyway.

Before going to the pony pen we stopped back home and brought out three bottles of bubble stuff. We spent a half of an hour blowing rainbow colored bubbles and chasing them around the yard and watching them drift down the sandy lane or float up to the clouds before we were on our way again.

At the pony pen we looked for the young stallion named after my dad, then took pictures (mainly of railings, poison ivy, and the trash can).

Our next stop was a path lined with blackberries. Before long we had a full bucket of plump juicy berries. Lachlan will be joining us again tomorrow morning for cereal and milk, topped with fresh berries!

It's been a great Father's Day.

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  1. Anonymous3:40 AM

    That does sound like a great day! Plus you got my favorite dishes at the Melon! I can't wait to see Lachlan... I know he has grown so much!