Saturday, December 12, 2009


Yesterday afternoon residents were treated to an outdoor art show at the edge of town. It was quirky (the presentations included a large red and yellow "flag" with a round hole, boots filled with handmade paper "straws," a large worn globe connected to a guitar amp surrounded by original "post cards" [we were encouraged to pick up the post cards and toss them into the air for "scatter art"), and much more.

Everyone was bundled up as protection against the cold and wind, but spirits were high as friends and neighbors wandered about enjoying the creativity and the sense of community. I commented to one of the artists how fun it was to be reminded of the talent and originality in our small village, and to celebrate the outdoors, art, and unconventional spirits all wrapped up together.

Just one more reason to be happy to call Ocracoke home!

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter discusses place names on Ocracoke. You can read it here:

Click on the photo below to see Pottery by Hank Goodman.


  1. Wonderful, Philip.

    Thanks for bringing your camera and showing us those great photos.


  2. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Oops, missed the photos..where are they??

  3. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Sheesh was just kidding about the photos there are none because Philip
    wants us to travel to OI to see all this neat stuff in person. The pictures are MIA how's LuAnn she has not been blogging much of late what gives she is OKAY right??

  4. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Yes I have stopped beating that dead horse photo op -- now maybe he has a camera cell phone???? just link us to the OI blogger that blogs with pictures what is her name she sings it is ......

  5. Speaking of cameras and Lou Ann, here's some advice she wrote a few months ago:

    Sunday, October 18, 2009
    Photo at Sunset

    "I happened to be strolling around my town at sunset with my camera in my bag and caught this shot. It was a lovely quiet night with no one around so I could just stand in the middle of the street and take the shot. A nice way to end a beautiful Autumn day in Northern Indiana.
    By the way, never leave home without your camera!"

    See that, Philip? Never leave home without your camera.


  6. A number of years ago I bought a quality SLR camera, and even took a short course in photography. Shortly afterward two island boys who had embarked on a sailing adventure to South America with a British family returned home after two years. I went down to the dock with a large group of family and friends to greet them when they came in the harbor. I took my camera, and made many photos.

    Back home I realized that I had missed the real experience because I was too busy taking pictures. Right then I decided to not let that happen again. So I seldom take a camera with me any more. Sometimes I'll make a point of taking a photo (of a spring flower, the lighthouse in snow, etc.), but I rarely take a camera to events.

    A couple more points -- photos take time. After making the pictures, they often need to be selected (if I've taken several), cropped or re-sized, then uploaded to my computer or to the web, then placed on the blog and often made into a link.

    I post on this journal nearly every day, and I enjoy sharing the joys of living on Ocracoke, but I do have other responsibilities also. I simply do not have time to take photos of everything and post them every day. I know many of our readers would like to see more pictures, but you'll just have to use your imagination! Or go to Katie's bog.

    Here is Katie's blog address:, but I notice that she hasn't posted any photos for a while either.

  7. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Point well taken you are not the local newspaper. But did you show the photos of the event you documented --the arrival of the world travelers-- the raw emotion the the faces of those in the crowd, the Pulitzer prize winning qualities of the photos -- did you share the photos with the sailors ?? I bet they appreciated it if you did --and well, have they told you stories of their travels? Hey, could you post those pictures on the anniversary and maybe get a comment or two from them -- oh wait , you aren't the newspaper my Bad. That is the bad thing about blogging your readers become bold and demanding and ask for things -- ask that you give us blood sweat and tears. And then some. Happy Holidays

  8. Anonymous9:54 PM

    I am a blogger, a writer, and a photographer. I love the quality of all three. I do not miss the adventures of anything when I photograph the art of life. Both are needed and appreciated to celebrate beauty in all venues.


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