Friday, December 04, 2009

Moonlight on Howard Street

It's hard to believe it's December. After just one day of cooler weather, Wednesday and Thursday were so mild (temperatures in the mid to upper 60s) that I worked outside again most of the day in just blue jeans and a t-shirt (but it looks like today and the next several days will be about 10 degrees cooler again).

The most striking thing about the recent weather (at least for me) occurred late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning. I was over in my office above the Village Craftsmen until after midnight researching the history of the Doxsee Clam Factory on Ocracoke. When I walked back home the village had a surreal, other worldly character to it. The sky was completely occluded by a layer of clouds. Although I couldn't see the full moon, its diffused light permeated everywhere. Every tree, fence, footpath, and bush was bathed in an unfamiliar glow that gave a curious and wonderful appearance to my world. I just stood and absorbed as much as I could before walking home to bed.

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  1. Philip,

    You have got to develop the habit of carrying your camera with you or, at least, keep it nearby and charged up.

    We love to see your photos when possible.

  2. Anonymous4:58 PM

    This month's full moon is known as the Cold Moon or the Long Night Moon. Thought you might want to know!

  3. Anonymous10:07 PM

    we have a gorgeous amber full moon tonight, while it is pretty here, i can only imagine how beautiful yours was last night. i agree with a previous need to keep your camera (or atleast you camera on your cell phone) with you and take some pictures for those of us not with you!