Monday, February 01, 2010

Spaghetti Dinner

Early yesterday afternoon (starting at 12:30) Jason's Restaurant hosted a spaghetti dinner to benefit the Ocracoke Boy Scout troop. Jason's is normally closed on Sundays, but they opened their kitchen to the Boy Scouts who helped prepare, box, and sell the dinners. For $8.00 you could get spaghetti with marinara; for $10.00, spaghetti with meat balls. Garlic bread and a soft drink was included.

On a cold winter day the dinner was an opportunity to get out of the house, chat with friends and neighbors, and enjoy a delicious meal without the work of preparation and clean up. And, of course, it was all for a good cause.

Congratulations to the Boy Scouts for a successful fundraiser!

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter tells the story of Ocracoker, Kelly O'Neal, and the 1951 revolution in Siam (Thailand). You can read it here:


  1. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Philip I am a Eagle scout from 1967 How do I contact the Ocracoke boy scouts to send a contribution. Thanks

  2. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Now was it Angel hair or the big fat spaghetti pasta -- that is tough eating that with small plastic utensils -- the elementary school would have a fund raiser, spaghetti dinner for an Evening of love in February -- I went once --the small kid size tables and the stupid plastic forks and cold pasta on paper plates was, well, an experience. There was no love lost. LOL Glad to hear you event was a carry out as to the event i experienced it was an event that could have been improved upon. good Day.

  3. Mike, I am not on the island at the moment, so my advice would be to send your donation to Ocracoke Boy Scouts, PO Box 1000, Ocracoke, NC, 27960. We don't have home delivery, and that's why you need a PO Box (for the postal workers at the distribution center--so they'll send it on to Ocracoke). But since our box numbers don't go that high, your letter won't be put in someone else's box. The postmaster and clerks at Ocracoke will know which box to put it in. Hope this helps

  4. Philip.

    When you enter the post office, walk way over to your left. There you will find boxes numbered well above 1000.

    Regardless, I am sure that anything addressed to the Boy Scouts will find its way into the correct box.

    Our postal employees are the best.


  5. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Thanks Michael I was just going to say when I got my box 3 years ago it is 12xx!