Sunday, July 04, 2010

Stars (and Stripes)

We were sitting around a picnic table last night (enjoying a July 4th Ocracoke potluck dinner), and Katy & Ingrid were telling us about their recent bicycle trip across the US. They and several friends left Ocracoke February 1, biked to St. Augustine, Florida, then headed west. They arrived in San Diego, California on June 1. It was quite an adventure, especially biking across the desert at night. Katy said she would do it again, but would take a different route next time just so they could see another part of the country.

At the end of their tale Katy made it clear that the most spectacular nighttime sky was right here at home, on Ocracoke Island. When Lou Ann and I came back to our cottage on Lawton Lane (after a brief detour to enjoy the sunset over Pamlico Sound) we stood out in the yard and looked up in the heavens. What a scene! Stars were scattered everywhere. The Milky Way and numerous constellations were spread out across the sky. In short order a shooting star pierced the canopy. We walked up the steps and into the house, happy to be home.

Happy Independence Day to all of our readers. We hope to see you around the village, enjoying the celebrations.

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