Thursday, February 09, 2012

Spring is on the Way

Spring can't be far behind when the daffodils begin popping their heads out. This photo was taken in my front yard Tuesday morning:

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of the "Joe Bell" flower. You can read it here:


  1. I knew that was going to blooom soon. Next year I will send you more tulips, they just don't seem to make it! Thanks for the photo!

  2. Here in WV we have not really had a winter. Things are starting to grow. The good thing about daffodils is if the cold makes them droop their heads they spring right up when it gets warm aqain.

  3. debbie s.1:19 PM

    YAY!!! spring means summer and summer means its time to go out there!

  4. A gentleman fish purveyor I know (Core Banks), staked a claim a few weeks ago that Spring had sprung, because, as he said, "the shad are running early." I don't know whether that is true or not, that shad are heralds of Spring.

    But poking around for answers, I did find this:

    "The flowers appear in early spring, "when the shad run" according to tradition (leading to names such as "shadbush"). The fruit is a berry-like pome, red to purple to nearly black at maturity, 5–15 mm diameter, insipid to delectably sweet, maturing in summer."

    Amelanchier! Aka, shadbush, shadwood, shadblow (among other names).