Monday, March 05, 2012

Dragon Tree Revisited

On Thursday I posted a photo of the tree Audrey Penn calls the "dragon tree." Here it is again:

No one seemed to know where to find this tree. That is not too surprising because it is not particularly obvious. However, the dragon tree is on public property. It is one of the trees at Springer's Point, right where the path ends at the beach.

Here is another photo of the tree:

The "dragon's head" is difficult to see. It is obscured by the branches on the left side of the photo. But if you look carefully on your next visit to Springer's you should be able to find it. Good luck.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of the Civil War on the Outer Banks, Josephus Daniels, Jr, Secretary of the Navy during WWI, and his connection to Ocracoke. You can read it here:

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  1. Anonymous11:57 AM

    I didn't see your post from the other day (until today) but I knew immediately where this tree is. Take the right fork at the grave yard in Springers' Point. One of my favorite places on Ocracoke.


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