Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mad Mag's Studio

Margaret Eaton Howard's legacy lives on in Ocracoke as the story of Mad Mag, a woman of peculiar habits who, among other things, wandered the island graveyards after dark in a long white dress. You can hear more about Mad Mag on our popular Ghost & History Walking Tours during the warmer seasons.

Lou Ann has always felt a special kinship with Mad Mag. Several years ago we restored a 100 year old wash house in my back yard, and converted it to a getaway for Lou Ann. She calls it Mad Mag's Studio.

Mad Mag's Studio

If you stop by to visit her studio, especially after dark, keep a wary eye out for Margaret Eaton's ghost!

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of the Civil War on the Outer Banks, Josephus Daniels, Jr, Secretary of the Navy during WWI, and his connection to Ocracoke. You can read it here:


  1. The studio looks wonderful! It is important to keep an eye out for Mad Mag, you never know! I love the sign!

  2. Toni Walls10:36 AM

    That looks like a very cool place to do whatever...
    I'm sure that Mad Mag is a very interesting studio partner.

  3. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Lou Ann-That has to be the quirkiest studio ever. Love to see the inside.
    Philip-Did Mad Mag use the wash house a century ago?

  4. The wash house belonged to Wesley Austin, one of the last lighthouse keepers. It sat behind the "Lightkeeper's Inn.' I acquired it and moved it to my property several decades ago.

  5. Liz Burch5:26 AM

    Being a Rockland, Maine native, I'm very interested to know more about Margaret Eaton, and her "Mad Mag" legacy.

    Do any of you have any resources you've used in your research that you would suggest?

    1. Liz, I understand that some of the Eaton family still live in Rockland. In fact, a number of years ago I had a brief correspondence with one of the Eatons. After I mentioned Mag's "problems" I never heard from him again! If you can track down her family I would appreciate hearing what you discover. You can always contact me through our web site,