Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Another cycle has commenced. The Vernal Equinox, Passover, Spring Full Moon, Easter. Each one is a celebration of rebirth. Daffodils and tulips are poking their heads through the earth. Trees are budding. Days are lengthening. The air and water are gradually getting warmer. And Ocracoke village is awakening to another season of fishing, gardening, boating, and welcoming visitors.

Yesterday morning the Ocracoke Methodist Church hosted their annual Easter Egg Hunt. Here are a couple of photos:

Ocracoke's annual Easter sunrise service was held on the beach this morning.

No doubt about it -- another season is upon us. Hope to see you soon on the beach, or strolling down Howard Street.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is a video of Philip Howard telling the story of the 1861 wreck of the Black Squall. You can watch it here:


  1. Anonymous9:35 AM

    happy Easter

    i just went to the BLack Squall video. You should do more videos. It had a Woody Allen-ish quality to it. Who did the music at in the beginning? Anyway keep up the videos, you may have found another calling!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I keep forgetting to ask John (the videographer) about the music. That was his addition.

  2. Anonymous10:43 AM

    i tried to find a way on this site to ask a question but could not so i guess i'll just throw it in here.

    i have an old picture of a horse and carriage (wagon) on top of a small arched bridge on ocracoke. you can see part of the island inn in the background. the bridge looks like it is over a small creek pretty close to where the wind the wind shop is. have you ever seen this? i don't understand it. are you able to shed any light on this? ANY help will be appreciated. thanks and Happy Easter.

    1. You can see a photo of a bridge over one of the "guts" in Ocracoke village here:

      However, I have never seen the picture you have (with a horse and wagon on the bridge). I would love to see it. You can email it to me at Then I will be able to tell you more about it.

  3. Anonymous3:58 PM

    the horse/wagon photo seems like i saw it in a small booklet sold on the outerbanks. for a while there it seemed like every one and their aunt/uncle/grandmother was writing their long lost memories about the outer banks. i a pretty sure that it was about a creek or stream or swash area that once came down past where the pony motel is now. since i haven't seen the picture in a while i decided to ask about it because i thought that a small arched bridge (only about 50t long) was unusual. anyway i am glad that you are willing to help if i can get you some more information. i will look because i really want to know. thank you

    1. When you locate the photo, please let me know. I do not remember ever seeing a picture of a horse and cart on one of the Ocracoke bridges.


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