Saturday, March 09, 2013

Lyle Gun

Several days ago I published a post about the tally board, an important piece of equipment used by the US Life Savers. In that post I mentioned firing a projectile from shore to a stricken vessel. The Life Savers used a specially designed small bronze cannon, called a Lyle Gun, to fire the 17 pound projectile.

The Lyle Gun

The 185 pound cannon was invented by West Point graduate, Captain David A. Lyle, in 1878. It was still being used in rescues as late as 1962. Captain Lyle was justly proud of his invention that helped save the lives of thousands of shipwrecked sailors and passengers. He called his invention "a labor of love."

The Lyle Gun is one of only a very few guns specifically designed to save lives, rather than to take lives. 

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