Saturday, April 06, 2013

Morning Dew

We've never been able to verify the following story told by Charles T. Williams II in his 1975 book "The Kinnakeeter," but it is intriguing.

"[In 1590] his Majesty's Ship, John Evangelist, with her sails torn to shreds, was unable to maneuver and could no longer ride out the storm and had no recourse but to scud before the wind in a southerly direction. Upon her arrival at the Indian village of Kinnakeet [the modern village of Avon on Hatteras Island], the captain had to beach his ship. Her captain was a man named Caleb Williams, an Englishman; her mate was Elijah Meekins, and her cook was David O'Neal. These men and a few more of her crew survived, but most were drowned at sea. They were the first white men ever to set foot on Kinnakeet, N.C...

"...They intermarried and took unto themselves the young Indian lasses for their brides and raised children. Caleb Williams gave his wife an English name -- he named her Sarah; David O'Neal called his wife 'Morning Dew,' and Elijah Scarborough name his wife 'Olive.'"

Perhaps one day we will know the truth. In the meanwhile, it is fascinating to think that Native American blood still runs through the veins of most, if not all, historic Outer Banks families.

Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is a video of Philip Howard telling the story of the 1861 wreck of the Black Squall. You can watch it here:


  1. Never heard of that story. Very interesting.

  2. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Hmmm what tribe might that be?

    1. Don't know the tribe, but the language group would have been Algonquin.

    2. Anonymous10:46 PM

      Hatteras Island tribe. They are both buried on Hatteras Island somewhere in unmarked graves, per Find a Grave

  3. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Morning Dew

    The Sun filters thru the mini-blind
    The Pier One Sari patchwork tab top curtains try to keep it at bay
    I roll over and hit the timer and Scott Simon tells me what has happened in the past for an hour -- the World According to NPR for today.
    oh no, I dozed off during the genome project
    That is my Morning dues

  4. I just found out that I am a direct descendant of David O'Neal and Morning Dew. I was shocked!

  5. Anonymous6:44 PM

    I might be a descendant of David and Morning Dew. I'm looking for any help I can get. Thank you, Brenda Sears