Monday, April 13, 2015


As April 15 nears we think of income taxes.

Speaking of taxes, below is information about Ocracoke Island unpaid property taxes (for the years 1834, 1835, & 1836) that  I found in the Feb. 28, 1838 issue of The Weekly Standard (Raleigh, NC).

1 acre of land owned by Nathan owed,   $7.38
50 acres of land owned by John owed,   $4.47
50 acres of land owned by Benjamin owed, $10.20
60 acres of land owned by Abner owed,   $9.43
250 acres of land owned by George owed, $20.54

Oh, how times have changed!

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  1. Kevin8:26 PM

    In other government-related news, the DMV's mobile unit will be on the island the 24th. If any of your old-timer's need a valid photo ID for the next election, please make sure they get this info.

    Mobile Unit schedule.

    General info about new voter ID laws.