Tuesday, October 06, 2015


Please note: Our original, earlier post today, from Hyde County, was incorrect. The following corrections have now been made:

Visitor access to the island is still prohibited and will continue to be tomorrow, October 7, 2015. A decision about allowing visitors to Ocracoke starting Thursday, October 8, 2015 will be made tomorrow afternoon.


  1. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Philip did Blanche get any water in her house? I see it is not as high as Alex was so I'm hoping not. Glad you all made out as well as you did. We are sorry we did not know about Molasses Creek being so close until it was too late, that's what happens when you don't read everyday. Melinda in MD

    1. Melinda, I haven't heard if Blanche had water in her house, but I doubt it. I am not on the island right now. I have someone staying in my house, and it is fine, although surrounded by water.