Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Ocracoke Boats, 1932

From MotorBoating Magazine, Jan, 1932:

"The boats seen at Ocracoke are a gracefully sheered deadrise model with a fairly deep V bottom. All are built of white cedar (Juniper) which is cut in the swamps on the main land. These boats are built on the island. Ribs are spaced about two feet apart, with natural crook knees. The planking is an inch and a quarter thick and there is usually no chine. Also there is no curve to the fore foot although the stem rakes slightly. Two strangers, a high sided clinker built sea-bright dory, and a fairly large Chesapeake Bay bugeye, were seen among the local boats."

A typical Ocracoke Skiff, 2010

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of Mrs. Godfrey's ghost who haunts the Island Inn/Odd Fellows Lodge. The story is taken from Chapter Three of my book, Digging up Uncle Evans. You can read the account here: https://www.villagecraAftsmen.com/mrs-godfreys-ghost/.

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