Saturday, April 04, 2020

Marvin & Leevella Howard

Several days ago a close family member joined me for a much needed outing. Wanting to maintain social distance in this time of coronavirus, we wandered down to the community cemetery where we could visit old friends in safety. As we walked among the grave markers I was reminded of so many wonderful and colorful islanders who had contributed much to our island community but who were no longer with us. We strolled slowly, stopping at many graves as we recounted stories and history.

Amy joined me the following day to record several stories of family and friends. Today I share with you some recollections of my uncle, Captain Marvin Howard, my aunt, Leevella Williams Howard, and Leevella's sister Irene and her husband Kelly.

You can listen to this first story on YouTube by clicking here:
You can also read more about Captain Marvin Howard here:

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1 comment:

  1. Colorful citizens? Interesting? Where I live there was a guy how swam with alligators feeding them marshmallows, colorful? Then I heard tales of a kelptomaniac from a prominent family which was billed by businesses visited by said family member, colorful? I do not move in social circles to hear of the juicy 21st century tales,,, and the local cemetery
    years back had a statute STOLEN from the grounds!