Friday, June 04, 2004

Home Again

I was off-island for two days. Went to pick up my good friend, Lou Ann, at the train station in Virginia.

One of the most frequent inquiries we Ocracokers get is "What do you do on that island? Don't you get bored?" This is what it's like to be home again:

-- Caught the 4 o'clock Hatteras Inlet ferry, and arrived on the island about 40 minutes later.

-- Stopped at the beach for a late afternoon swim and walk on the beach.

-- Went to the Community Store to buy a dozen eggs, but saw Capt. Rob Temple and his wife, Sundae, on the deck of their boat, the schooner "Windfall." They invited us to sail with them on their sunset cruise.

-- When we docked, about 8:30, we saw Al Scarborough, and Fowler & Chloe O'Neal sitting on Jack Willis' dock. Walked over and visited with them . Fowler entertained us with stories of the sea and sailing, and old-time Ocracoke for almost an hour.

-- Wandered over to the Jolly Roger outdoor restaurant to hear Martin Garrish, Marcie, and Lou pick and sing until after 10 o'clock. Then we ordered fish and crabs for dinner.

-- Finally walked in the door at 11:30, happy to be home again. Island life is anything but boring!

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