Tuesday, June 15, 2004

A Story Worth Repeating

One of our local papers, "The Ocracoker," reports that Marcus Lawson, 15-year-old Ocracoke high school student, recently saved an ocean swimmer from a dangerous rip current. He was surfing when he heard the cries for help, and paddled out for the rescue. Once he reached the swimmer he paddled for about ten minutes parallel to the beach before they were able to make it back to the shore.

Marcus reported that it was "a bit of a struggle" and that he was "pretty worn out."

With "The Ocracoker" we're proud to recognize Marcus' bravery and good character.

Please enjoy our beautiful beaches....and remember that ocean currents can be strong. If caught in a rip current swim parallel to the beach. When free from the current head for shore. Rip currents, though formidable, are generally narrow. If you have questions about ocean currents contact one of the park rangers. They will be happy to provide good advice.

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