Saturday, October 30, 2004

It Was a Dark & Spooky Night

There were 6 middle-school-age boys on my ghost walk last night (the girls were off-island on a scouting trip). They looked over their shoulders when I told them about the ghost of Old Diver, and they listened intently when I related how Alice O'Neal had been buried alive.

But the best part of all was when we stopped on Howard Street where the former Methodist Episcopal Church, South had once stood. It was dark and quiet. I told them how my great aunt Lorena had been buried in the church yard in 1897. Three years later she was dug up and moved, and the coffin had been opened..........

It was quiet. Earlier the boys had been eager to move along. Now they just stood still, unwilling to continue down the moonlit lane, afraid they might encounter Lorena's wandering ghost.

Here's hoping your Halloween weekend is just as creepy!

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