Friday, October 29, 2004


My evening walk on the beach yesterday after work was wonderful. It was great to breathe the salt air and feel the sand between my toes. (I did miss the colorful trees in the midwest, however, and wished Lou Ann could have joined me for my walk along the surf.)

Tonight I'll give a ghost/history walk for our local youth group (6th - 8th grades). It will be a shorter version than usual, but I hope the stories will send chills down their spines. There's the ghost of Old Diver, the woman who was buried alive, the ghostly casket that floats along the lane, the murder of 1861, and Aunt Lorena who was dug up only three years after her death (and who now wanders up and down Howard Street in here moldy grave clothes!).

Hope you enjoy Halloween whereever you are.

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  1. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Hi Philip,
    I sure did miss reading about Ocracoke when you were gone. I know you have to get away, but I just love getting on line each night and feeling connected with my favorite place in the world. Thanks for all of your writings. I am in Ohio and do get to enjoy the fall colors which are just about done turning, but my heart is always on Ocracoke. Carol, (an Ocracoke vacationer for many many years)