Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Miserable Weather

I know....I like to pretend that Ocracoke is so wonderful that we always have weather just like in Camelot. Not today. It's been wet, cold, and downright miserable. And the forecast calls for more of the same. Maybe it will feel like Spring again by the weekend.

Finally I got across the street to visit with cousin Blanche today. She's got to be one of the sweetest people in the whole world. We talked & laughed for more than two hours. Together we caught up on village news, folks in the hospital, new babies..... We shared island stories and talked about people long dead. It was good to spend time with Blanche. She's definitely a "keeper of tradition."

Maybe tomorrow evening I'll get by to visit with Muzel. She celebrated her 101st birthday on Saturday, but I wasn't back home yet, so I missed the party. What sort of a gift does one take to a centenarian? I suppose I could take some cookies.


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