Friday, March 04, 2005

Miss Dallie

You should get to know the other folks who work at Village Craftsmen. Philip really doesn't do this all by himself. We like to kid him about that. Dallie is a second cousin to Philip. Her grandaddy and Philips' daddy were brothers. Dallie wasn't born on Ocracoke and she grew up all over the country. Just ask her about it sometime,she'll tell you about it. Dallie married and raised two beautiful daughters then moved to Ocracoke about fifteen years ago to work for Philip. She does the wonderful display work at the shop. How she fits everything in has always amazed me. Many of you will remember her as the lovely southern lady who has greeted you with a smile and a warm hello. In her off hours ( which aren't many in season) she enjoys sewing and making creative games for her five grandchildren. Dallie and I have had many "Thelma and Louise" adventures when we've taken trips "up the beach" together! But that's for another day. Say hi to Dallie when you come for a visit this year. Ya'll have a good weekend!

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  1. Anonymous3:27 PM

    First cousin once removed, but who cares. Just keep the postings coming as they are our link to Ocracoke when we have to spend our life off island. The postings are really a treat!